Whether the workmanship of the canvas bag is fine determines the grade of the canvas bag

2020-06-11 10:24:08

Whether the workmanship of the canvas bag is fine determines the grade of the canvas bag

       The fineness of the canvas bag's workmanship determines the quality of the product. The finer the workmanship, the better. The higher the grade of the product. This unit price will also follow up, which is necessary!

       Now let's talk to you about the following points of the canvas bag by the luggage custom factory!

       Whether the stitches of the bag are smooth, even, loose, continuous, and parallel to the edge of the bag, whether the hardware accessories are symmetrical, the lock is strong, the zipper should be smooth, the center of gravity of the bag is offset, dual-use Bags should pay attention to whether the length of the long and short belts is suitable. Many people ignore the bottom of the bag. The bottom of the bag needs to be stable. The bag has a hem. The thickness should be moderate to keep it as smooth as the bag. If the bag is magnetic Close the lid to see if the accuracy of the closed lid is appropriate, and whether it feels smooth when closed. The accessories of the bag are mostly made of iron, copper or zinc alloy die-cast blanks, which are electroplated with ancient silver and sealed with glaze to achieve the perfect texture and the effect of repeated washing and stainless. (This is the requirement of clothing for hardware accessories, because the clothing will be washed many times after the sale, and ordinary canvas bags are generally rarely useful)

       The price actually represents more than just a number, but a combination of the product's brand, materials, practicality, details and other comprehensive factors. Spend the same money to buy great value! It is the king!

       Many people are concerned about whether the canvas bag will fade or not? Correctly speaking, the cotton canvas bag will have a slight discoloration during the washing process. This is also a normal phenomenon that will be accompanied by pure cotton fabrics, like the dark pure color we usually wear. Cotton T-shirt. But this is also one of the unique and unique charms of the canvas bag. After slight decolorization after washing, the color is more natural, which further highlights the unique layered texture of canvas.