Men's essential briefcase

2020-06-11 10:14:59

Men's essential briefcase

       A briefcase is not only a necessity for you to transport documents and various bits and pieces, but also an important embodiment of your personal style. Its practicality is not stronger than that of rucksacks, mail bags or kraft paper bags, but the appearance of the briefcase can undoubtedly reveal your personality.

Now it’s up to you to talk to you about your briefcase.

       Don't chase the trend. High-quality briefcases should be durable, far from being replaced by any trend. Insist on choosing the most basic colors and styles. The soft body of the bag and the shoulder bag briefcase are more and more popular. It is easy to carry and more convenient to hold and hold things. Although it may crumple your suit on the back, it is still the first choice when working or working in a more casual work environment.

       A few decades ago, the contents of a man’s briefcase were very different from what they are now. In the past, the briefcases were mainly documents, materials, books, manuals, diaries, documents, contracts, or money. In fact, these are all Refers to the same thing: paper, or paper products.

       Of course, business people have already used U disks, iPads, etc. to replace paper documents. Now people pay more attention to the style, texture, and other factors related to "face value" of the briefcase.

       It seems that in the traditional impression, when we see a briefcase, we will associate the words, the better is professional, business, the worse is rigid, old-fashioned.

       For seniors who require scholars to send their heads or work as lawyers, a slightly stale briefcase will give you a dignified manner; but it will be too sloppy and casual in the hands of young people. Young people who have just worked should buy a new briefcase and let it become more and more mature with you after years of hard work.

       Never ask for new in color: black and brown are the eternal color of the briefcase, and it matches well with anything.

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