Talk about the style and fabric of the canvas bag

2020-06-11 10:13:04

Talk about the style and fabric of the canvas bag

The size of the canvas bag should be large or small, and it should be able to hold a laptop and A4-size document paper. The style of the canvas bag should be concise and cumbersome. Convenient to carry, practical and simple to take care of are the primary considerations for the purchase of the canvas bag. The material is lightweight, and the canvas bag with two shoulders and two carrying methods is the most practical.

Let's talk to you about the style and fabric of the canvas bag by the luggage customization factory!

1. Style

The canvas bag style is the main means of expressing the style of the product, and it can also critically express the customer's purchase intention. The canvas bag style is simple and stylish, and the color is clean and beautiful, which has become the first highlight to attract customers. Good style is the cornerstone of successful sales. When the style is more in line with the customer's "taste", it begins to enter the attention and evaluation process of the fabric and workmanship.

2. Fabric

Because of its solid and durable characteristics, canvas fabrics were used to make military tents and parachutes in the early days. With the advancement of science and technology, textile technology has been greatly improved, the types of canvases have gradually increased, and their applications have become more widespread. In the 21st century, the era of environmental protection has entered. Environmental protection fabrics such as canvas have gained more recognition and carried new fashion concepts and entered the fashion field. Canvas bag has become a popular fashion item. However, when buying canvas bags, people often have misunderstandings. Some consumers think that the thicker the canvas bag, the better the quality, but it is not the case. The quality of the fabric has nothing to do with the thickness of the fabric. The cotton content and processing method determine the quality of the fabric. The important factor is that the high-quality canvas fabric after the canvas fabric is processed by various technologies is not only strong and durable, but also feels more delicate, soft and breathable, and the lightness of the fabric also reduces the burden of the original heavy canvas bag.