Equipped with medicine for household first aid kit

2020-06-11 10:12:24

Equipped with medicine for household first aid kit

       The first aid kit is a small bag containing first aid medicine and sterilized gauze, bandages, etc. It is a rescue item that is used for emergency in the event of an accident. According to different environments and different objects of use, they can be divided into different categories. According to different objects, it can be divided into household first aid kit, outdoor first aid kit, car first aid kit, gift first aid kit, earthquake first aid kit, etc.

       Let's talk to you about the first-aid kit for home use by the luggage and custom factory.

Expert: It is recommended that the family medicine cabinet be equipped with 7 types of medicines

       1. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular emergency medicine. Including nitroglycerin, quick-acting Jiuxin pills, Shexiang Baoxin pills, compound Danxin dropping pills, etc. In an emergency, you can take a piece of nitroglycerin under your tongue. At present, nitroglycerin has a new spray, which is more convenient. Suxiao Jiuxin Pill contains 4-6 capsules under the tongue.

       2. Surgical drugs. Including small scissors, hemostatic plaster, sterile gauze, bandage, hemostatic plaster is used for hemostasis of small wound wounds, gauze and bandage are used for large wounds. In addition, An Er iodine, Bai Duo Bang, scald ointment, Yunnan Baiyao spray, etc. are used to treat trauma. However, it should be noted that once the wound is bleeding or infected, you should seek medical treatment in time. Small and deep wounds and bites by animals should be treated in hospital in time to prevent tetanus or other special infections.

       3. Cold medicine. The family medicine cabinet should be equipped with 1 to 2 kinds of cold medicines, such as cold and fever particles, quick-acting cold capsules, Baijiahei, Baifuning, etc. Before taking it, you should read the instructions carefully, especially do not mix multiple cold medicines to avoid the superposition effect of drugs. In addition, it is not recommended to equip family medicine boxes with antibiotics. Antibiotics are prescription drugs and have certain side effects. They should be used under the guidance of a doctor.

       4. Digestive system drugs. Including Yimengting, Zhixiening, Smecta, Horn Zhenglu Pills, Huoxiang Zhengqi Pills, etc. These drugs can treat non-infectious diarrhea. If you suspect infectious diarrhea, seek medical advice. Frequent vomiting, especially hematemesis and blood in the stool, should be sent to the hospital immediately.

       5. Anti-allergic drugs. In the case of allergies, skin redness, rash after eating seafood, and encounter with caterpillars, antihistamines such as carretamine, aspirin, chlorpheniramine, etc. can be used, but chlorpheniramine has strong side effects such as drowsiness.

       6. Analgesics. Such as aspirin, Britone, Tylenol, Fenbid, etc., can relieve headaches, arthralgia, back pain, muscle pain and other symptoms.

       7. Antihypertensive drugs. Such as Luohuoxi, Kaibotong, Monroe, Bisoprolol, Cozua, etc., but the above are prescription drugs and should be used under the guidance of a doctor. It should be reminded that patients with hypertension should do self-management of chronic diseases, remember to take medicine at home, and don’t forget to take medicine when you are on business or outing.

The medicines in the family's first aid kit should be regularly checked and replaced, preferably cleaned every 3 to 6 months, and it is best to equip a first aid manual. In addition, symptoms are only one of the basis for disease diagnosis. A symptom may be the manifestation of multiple diseases. The random use of medicine may cover up the symptoms, or even misdiagnosis or missed diagnosis. The medicine should be used after a clear diagnosis.