Bag custom design rules and characteristics: handbags, custom manufacturers, rules

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Bag custom design rules and characteristics: handbags, custom manufacturers, rules

Bag custom design rules and characteristics (1)

The status of handbag design in clothing design and their relationship

In order to understand the status of handbags in the entire clothing mix, and to fully understand the function of the whole part of the clothing mix, it is very necessary to analyze the relationship between parts and parts, and the relationship between parts and parts. The handbag acts as a part in the whole clothing matching, it can divide the space of the clothing. The handbag design is consistent with the entire clothing design style and can be integrated into one. The design that contrasts with the whole becomes the visual focus in the outfit matching. The contrasting design looks more like an independent part, and is usually the part we notice first.

Similarity Similarity is the main combination factor in the matching of handbags and clothing. It refers to the same degree of each part. The local connection is determined by the similarity of the line, shape, color, lightness, texture and local variation, size, direction, weight, position and so on. Similar parts in one or several aspects are often separated by the observer.

Similarly, the coordination of the various parts as a whole does not mean identical. Finding similar factors in clothing in the design of handbags and applying them can achieve a multiplier effect when conveying the overall intention.

The process of closed vision is to scan and then focus. We first separate the part to be observed into a closed part, and then focus our attention on this part. Of course, this process is completed in an instant. If we observe the whole dress state, then the eyes always fall on a part. Therefore, whether it is a partial design of the handbag in the entire clothing, or a partial design in the handbag itself, will become the focus of vision.

Continuity is a method used in the design of handbags to design parts locally along straight or curved trajectories in clothing modeling. Because the use of similar modeling trajectories in local investment will strengthen local independence. Dissimilar partial designs can also be combined due to continuity.

It should be noted that handbags play a role as a background and embellishment in clothing, must not be divided equally, noisy. If you want to highlight both clothing and handbags, it is "multi-center = no center". Do not reverse the relationship between the part and the whole, recognize the characteristics of the part, and adjust the relationship between the part and the whole. As a category of ornaments, hands are the same as other ornaments, in terms of matching style and clothing style.

Bag customization can refer to the design method of inversion of subject and object in clothing design, and apply it to the field of handbag design to enrich the design consciousness. The so-called inversion of subject and object is that clothing as a design object often gets rid of the human body itself to form an emphasis on clothing The form that exists by itself. In the relationship between handbags and clothing, clothing becomes the main body, and handbags become the objects. There is also such a master-slave relationship between clothing and handbags.

The subject and object are turned upside down, establishing a new relationship between the handbag and the clothing, resulting in a new relationship between the handbag and the clothing. This structure is intended to achieve the effect of unifying the form. The inversion of the subject and object of clothing and handbags can not be simply understood as the pursuit of the role of handbag objects. In fact, the appropriate emphasis on the role of handbags is to emphasize the main position of clothing.

Of course, when we adopt the inversion method of subject and object, we should avoid the separation of handbag and clothing too far, and try to pursue a prominent object without changing its subordinate status, and weakening the subject does not separate from the subject.

Some custom-made bags with a sense of stability

The sense of stability is the basic element of the beauty of clothing, and the sense of stability is the balance between vision and psychology.

The geometric shape of the handbag design enhances the visual characteristics and creates an orderly space, showing the combination of horizontal and vertical and color blocks. The sense of weightlessness in the form of handbags can cause visual psychological disorders and thus lose beauty.

At the same time, handbag design and clothing design interact and complement each other. Only when the two are highly coordinated and unified will their beauty be fully demonstrated. Generally speaking, the coordination of handbags and clothing is reflected in the following three aspects.

The shape echoes: the design of a handbag is based on the shape of the clothing as a premise and basis. If the style of the dress is more sophisticated, the style of the handbag should also be exquisite and unique. The style of the casual dress is simple and elegant, and the design of the handbag should also be casual and natural. When the outer wheel corridor of the clothing is characterized by arcs, the shape of the handbag may appear in two cases: one is consistent with the lines of the clothing, its shape is mainly curved, and the other is in contrast with the arc of the clothing. Use more straight lines to enrich the overall effect of clothing.

In terms of matching colors and the beauty of clothing, the color effect of the overall clothing should be pleasing and harmonious. Therefore, handbags, as an important item in clothing accessories, often play the role of "the finishing touch" in the overall clothing color effect. When the color of the clothing is too monotonous or dull, you can use bright and changeable colors to apply to the handbag to adjust the color feeling, and when the color of the clothing appears a little strong and stimulating, you can use simple and simple in the design of the handbag Subtle colors to ease the atmosphere. In general, according to the needs of the overall effect in the processing of colors, sometimes a certain color can be extracted from the clothing for handbag design, so that you can quickly and quickly choose a good color, and it is easy to find the height of color coordination.

Relative texture comparison: due to the large range of materials that make up the handbag, the texture changes in the design of the handbag are relatively rich. The matching of the handbag and the clothing can be changed according to different needs psychology and aesthetic taste. For example: when the clothing fabric is more delicate, you can choose a rough and unrestrained handbag, or you can have a handbag with affinity texture materials; when the clothing fabric is thick and uneven, you can choose some smooth and smooth handbags, Contrast with clothing fabrics. In short, from the perspective of the overall texture effect of clothing, the two can be compared with each other or complement each other, both can set off against each other and can coordinate with each other, resulting in a unique visual beauty in the change of collocation.

This shows that the design of handbags, regardless of shape, color and texture materials, are all expressing the personality and characteristics of clothing. Only in this way can the true meaning of clothing be conveyed.

Although handbags occupy some place in the overall effect of clothing, in the aesthetic practice, people realize that the artistic value of handbags is inseparable from clothing. Once worn, clothing and handbags become an integral part of people's appearance. Set off, foil and reflect people's inner temperament.