How to properly maintain the bag

2020-06-11 10:02:50

How to properly maintain the bag

       Although the bag is beautiful, in fact, no matter what brand of bag, if you do not maintain it carefully, you may have to renew it in a few months.

Now it is up to the luggage factory to talk to you about how to maintain your bags:

       1. The normal processing method for leather ladies bags is: the bag you just bought, you should first wash your hands with soap and then gently rub the leather bag, as long as you use appropriate body temperature and grease, gently rub it gently with your hands, then Can make small wrinkles and even small scars disappear. If the air humidity in the place is very high, the leather goods are susceptible to moisture infection. If the leather goods are accidentally exposed to rain, you must not roast them with fire or expose them to the sun. This will cause the beloved lady’s bag to be seriously deformed. The safe method is to wipe off the water drops first, and then place in a cool place to dry for half an hour. It is best to put on maintenance oil for ladies bags at any time, which can greatly extend the life of the bags.

       2. The best cleaning and maintenance method for ordinary leather bags is to remove dust and then use special cleaning oil to remove dirt and wrinkles. Secondly, dip the special oil of the leather bag on the cloth, gently apply it to the leather bag, and then rub the cloth hard on the leather bag, but do not apply too much detergent to avoid discoloring or contaminating the clothing.

       3. The leather bag to be collected after the season must be cleaned before storage, and a clean shredded paper ball or cotton shirt should be placed in the leather bag to maintain the shape of the leather bag, and then the leather bag is placed in a soft cotton bag. The leather bags stored in the cabinet should be prevented from being deformed by improper squeezing. The cabinet for storing leather products must be ventilated. The natural oils and fats of the leather itself will gradually decrease over time or too many times of use, so even very high-grade leather products require regular maintenance. It is recommended that you clean the leather product before storing it every time.