What clothes do knitted hats look good with

2021-11-25 11:13:09 hongling

The weather is getting colder and colder these days. We can obviously feel that the number of people wearing knitted hats around has increased significantly. As a fashion matching pet in autumn and winter, what clothes do knitted hats look good with? How to make an extraordinary taste? Hat manufacturers - hat manufacturers share with you:

Knitted hat with what clothes look good, how to build an extraordinary taste

The main popular items this year are basic ones, including those worn by models on the show; Although it looks similar, there are differences in design and exquisite collocation.

What clothes do knitted hats look good with

1、 Knit hat with jacket

Winter is so cold, of course, you need a hat to keep your head warm, and a knitted hat is your best choice. Wearing a knitted hat can not only modify your face and make your face smaller. After matching with the cool jacket, there is a more flavor. The strong and handsome jacket with the soft waxy knitted hat can be said to be the fashionable matching of the fashionable essence in winter. No matter what color can be matched, after wearing a knitted hat, it instantly neutralizes the hardness of the jacket and adds a touch of soft femininity. A black jacket like this, with a pair of casual jeans and short boots on the lower body and a navy blue knitted hat on the head, neutralizes the feeling that the shape is too neutral, adds a soft feminine flavor, and is very casual and fashionable.

2、 Knitted hat with coat

Winter coat must be an essential item in every sister's wardrobe. The mature and steady coat, combined with the fresh literary style of knitted hat, makes your wearing more attractive. In winter, bright colors can break the depression of winter, so you can choose hats and coats with the same color. In this way, you will never make mistakes. At the same time, it can make your whole look very coordinated. Like this dark yellow coat in the picture, it is covered with a high collar sweater, wearing Khaki casual pants, a camel knitted hat and a pair of small white shoes. The overall tone has been relatively simple, atmospheric and casual, which also makes the hat an eye-catching pen for modeling.

3、 Knit hat with lamb wool coat

Without the bloated feeling of down jacket and the luxurious smell of fur, you can easily wear a frank leisure style, which is not a lamb wool coat. Lamb wool coat is a cute and handsome one, which can not only create the feeling of soft cute little girls, but also bring a cool and handsome Street feeling. Such a coat with a knitted hat can be said to be more warm. Because the lamb wool coat itself looks very warm, coupled with the knitted hat, it brings a full sense of winter. Like this brown lamb wool coat, the lapel style with the stitching of inner lamb wool is super warm. The lower body is matched with a pair of slim pants and a white knitted hat. Wearing a pair of short boots, it keeps warm and has a sense of fashion at the same time.

Keep warm, cover the hairline, oil head and brain door, and show small face, convex shape and super strong sense of fashion. Such a nice and practical knitted hat, does it make everyone "head up"?