Several issues that need to be implemented in toolkit customization

2020-10-29 16:11:03 hongling

Several issues that need to be implemented in toolkit customization

For luggage customization manufacturers, toolkit customization is relatively common. Compared with other backpacks, toolkits are quite different in workmanship and material. Then, what details need to be grasped in toolkit customization What? Next, the luggage editor will tell you about the precautions for toolkit customization, let's learn about it together.

1. Regarding the material of the tool bag, choose the strong and durable material as much as possible. The tool bag itself is a bag specially used to load and protect the tool. The protection performance of the tool bag is a very important indicator, such as some used to protect precision Tool kits for tools or instruments. These tools are relatively expensive and must be considered for anti-knock and anti-collision in daily use. Therefore, the requirements for tool kits are relatively high. Waterproof, shockproof, strong and wear-resistant are the most basic requirements. Therefore, when the toolkit is customized, the material selection is very important.

2. Let the luggage manufacturer combine the use occasion and style of the toolkit, refer to the previous case, let the manufacturer design and develop a toolkit that meets the situation, so that the specifically designed toolkit can not only realize the effective storage and operation of production tools The portable use and other functions can also increase the added value of the product.

  3. It is necessary to communicate the details with the luggage manufacturer in detail, and the details are implemented. After the proofing and inspection are completed, until both parties have no problems, then place an order for production, so as to avoid the unrealistic toolkit due to poor communication and loss.

   To sum up, in order to customize a good toolkit, the purchaser needs to communicate with the luggage manufacturer many times. In other words, the toolkit customization needs to design and develop an ideal toolkit based on the actual situation.