What are the common materials for custom-made trolley cases?

2020-10-29 16:15:58 hongling

What are the commonly used materials for custom-made trolley cases?

ABS material trolley case customized

It belongs to thermal vacuum forming. The hard shell has an inside. The internal texture is more delicate and the surface of the box shell changes more. It is more impact resistant than the soft box. But because of the box frame, it is heavier than the soft box, but it can protect the clothes from changing. Crepe, fragile products are not easy to damage. Generally speaking, the fuller the box is, the better. It is safest to fill all the gaps. It is the most correct to press and close, and it is the most durable.

Custom PP trolley case

It belongs to injection molding, the inside and outside are the same color system, there is no inside, and it is roughly made of PP. PP material is developed to meet modern products because of the need to save manpower. The development cost is expensive, but the service life is relatively long. All parts are special equipment and cannot be modified. Therefore, only professional brands or professional factories have the ability to develop and produce. Its characteristics are impact resistance and good water resistance.

Aluminum alloy trolley case

The characteristics of aluminum alloy are durability, wear resistance, impact resistance, and the service life of the case itself can be maintained at five or more than ten years. There are integral moldings, such as ZERO, or combined molding. However, damage to the surrounding accessories can still be repaired. If you require a beautiful and complete appearance, it is probably impossible, unless you want to replace it with a new suitcase. Otherwise, it should be rare to use it until it is unusable. But the premise is that it must be used in the correct way to make full use of its characteristics. Compared with ordinary suitcases, it is heavier and more expensive than ordinary suitcases.

Soft box

It is characterized by lightness, variety, and can accommodate a little more. But the advantages are also disadvantages. If there are too many things inside, the sewing thread will be tightened beyond its force value, the sewing thread will be cracked. In addition, during the baggage check-in process, when the force exceeds the force value at the moment of collision, the sewing will also be sewn. The line is broken, and 70% of the soft suitcases are damaged in this way.

EVA material trolley case

Combining the cloth surface with EVA material, the revolutionary development of the soft box in the last ten years can make the cloth surface three-dimensional, shaping various shapes and curved designs, and the use of honeycomb panels can save manufacturing wages and speed up the production process. Therefore, a new generation of suitcases was born, which looks like a hard shell box, but does not have the weight of a hard shell box, and the panel of the box is more varied; it can also add magnification function, install a pull rod, and a design with multiple pulleys at the bottom. Make it easier and more convenient for users, so that travelers going abroad for business and shopping do not need to bring more luggage.

Customized PE trolley case

PE's characteristics are lighter and more impact-resistant than ABS. It can be combined with soft cases. In recent years, oil prices have soared. The weight is a concern of various tourism and transportation companies, especially in Europe. Luggage cases have become lighter and more durable. Development is the only way to have PE material, the safety of a hard case, and the lightness of a soft case. However, it is also made of stitching. Do not hold too much or too full. Moreover, once it is cracked by the stitching, it must be scrapped. It cannot be repaired and this is its only shortcoming.

ABS+soft case

Combining the ABS and the soft box method, the structural parts on the bottom are made of ABS. The wheels, pull rods, and handles are all assembled on the ABS. The front piece is sewn with a cloth surface. The characteristics of the box, as well as the function of magnification, is the best choice for tourist or business travelers.